Eilidh Mcpherson

Website: http://www.eilidhmcpherson.com

Email: eilidhmcpherson1@gmail.com

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The Game (2014) Oil on canvas, 150x127cm

Measuring Time (2015) Oil on canvas, 93x86cm

The Performers (2014) Oil on canvas, 70x52cm

The Yellow Ribbon (2014) Oil on canvas, 77.5x77.5cm

Rock Resting on a Ziplock Bag (2014) Oil on canvas, 76x60cm

Fortune Teller (2014) Oil on board, 84x59.5cm


My practice is based on the body and aspects of human nature. I often juxtapose natural and man-made objects, to investigate ways in which the body interacts with the world around it, and what these interactions say about the physical and/or spiritual dimensions of the human form. Recent work examines the notion of time in relation to the body, through temporal motifs such as chess pieces, fortune tellers and rocks. Visual symbols are often repeated within work, and constantly evolve through the process of painting. I often manipulate scale within paintings to challenge viewers’ assumptions and observations. My investigation into the human form is inspired by wide-ranging sources including the Bible, popular culture and an interest in anatomy.


2011-2013 MFA (Painting) University of Edinburgh
2005-2010 MA Hons Fine Art, University of Edinburgh

Eilidh is an artist living and working in Edinburgh.


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