George Finley



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Reading is Fun, Oil and Adhesive, Oil and Adhesive, 80x100cm

Cousins, Oil and Adhesive, 100x80cm

Balanced Tug, Oil and Adhesive, 50x60cm

Keep Dancing, Oil and Adhesive, 90x120cm

Christmas Miracle 1914, Oil and Adhesive, 40x50cm

Pipes and Drums, Oil and Adhesive, 50x60cm


In the wake of the attacks on the USA in 2001 I developed a new artistic style, my "New Line", to emphasize human relationships. Strong relationships are the essence of humanity and our positive interactions are the only way forward toward a more peaceful world. To show humans in contact and to make their relationships visual I create figures with an often continuous raised line with a two component or sealant. The colours in the background are limited to two or three colours. The colour red represents the positive energy and emotional warmth to emphasize the interaction of the outlined figures. My artistic aim is to highlight positive human contacts, interactions and relationships, all of which will contribute to a more peaceful and harmonious future for us and for our planet.


I was Born in Denver, Colorado, USA in 1938. During my school years I won art awards and an art scholarship. I entered the US Military Academy at West Point and as a cadet illustrated for the cadet magazine and became the art editor. In 1960 I received my commission as a lieutenant. In the Army I created a series of military caricatures which are still in print. My duty assignments included 15 years in Germany, a year in the war in Vietnam and a year in Turkey in addition to assignments in the USA. Whilst in the Army I had solo shows of my water colours in Germany. I retired from the Army in 1983 and established myself as a professional artist near Schwäbisch Hall in southern Germany. I held annual exhibitions of my watercolours and etchings. In 1998 I moved to Boston, USA. While preparing for a solo show the terrible events of 2001 occurred which moved me to make my artistic reply. Based on my war experience and contact with many people in several countries I painted "Inalienability" for the show to emphasize the importance of human relationships for peace. In 2008 I returned to Europe to live in St Andrews, Scotland in no small measure because of my Scottish ancestry. I have exhibitions in Germany where I maintain a studio. I also show my work in Scotland at the annual Pittenweem Arts Festival where I enjoy the lively discussions that my New Line style generates.


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