Heather Manson

Website: http://www.heathermansonart.co.uk

Email: heather.f.e.manson@gmail.com

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Tweedy Pie, acrylic on board

Sunday Morning Christening

Just another major Major

Declining Trades, Isle of Harris




My work relies on the complex relationships between people , and the constant metamorphisis between them and their environment. I have always been fascinated with identity - on the national and personal scale. Up until now my work has captured the landscapes , towns, cities and villages of Scotland. Through my travels and research around Scotland I realised that although we are united universally by our general consumption needs, (having the usual Supermarket and chained shops and restaurants), each district has always held a unique identity to the other; some even in the same city - take Leith and Edinburgh for example; they are two whole seperate identities. Stylistically my work is gritty and has a definite sense of realism, but there is also a gentleness in the washes which evoke a sense of dreaminess/imagination. I enjoy a sense of the uncanny where shadows, reflections, washes and metamorphisis of form trick the eye into questioning what is real and what is not. At times the people in my work are defined by their sorroundings; at times their sorroundings are defined by them.


I am from the North Lanarkshire town Coatbridge. For some this is one of the wettest areas of Scotland. In appearance it seems dismal at times, but even in its worst weather I grew to love how its rain caused metal and glass to shine against dark bricks and gritty roads. My upbringing here was enriched with all kinds of characters and places and their 'going ons' here and there in everyday life and this bore a passion for the narrative in my work.
As well as the figure in landscape I like to explore the sense of the person through their possesions, portrayed through single still lives of an object.
I have played in pipebands as a bagpiper and drummer since i was 7 years old and this a particular subject area in my work. I like to play with the sense of military and formalness vs the sense of the informal and casualness off the competition field. Scotland, and the sense of the Scot has been explored and exploited for a long time. I like to think that my work investigates how we see ourselves, and challenges these images and ideas of how we sell ourselves.


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