Jane Cornwell

Website: http://www.janecornwell.co.uk

Email: jane.cornwell@hotmail.co.uk

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Detail of 36m long x 3m high mural for Craighead Nursery

Evening, Craigton Woods (please can you rotate this?)


I am very lucky to work as an art teacher in a lovely secondary school, and illustrator. To relax, keep my skills up and for my own pleasure I enjoy drawing and painting my children, and those of friends and colleagues. I also love to paint landscapes. Please get in touch if you would like a painting.


I've exhibited with the SSA, Glasgow Group, Paisley Art Institute, MacMillan Exhibition at Bonhams, Edinburgh, Pittenweem Arts Festival, Compass Gallery and Strathkelvin Annual Art Exhibition. I studied at Glasgow School of Art from 1996 - 2000.