Jodi Le Bigre



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Comme deux gouttes d'eau, etching, 20 x 30 cm

Feathers, oil on wooden panel, 25 x 30 cm

Deux poids, deux mesures, etching, 20 x 30 cm

Spring Coming In, oil on wooden panel, 25 x 30 cm

Marginalia, etching and aquatint, 15 x 20 cm

Pas de deux, etching, 20 x 30 cm


Both conceptually and practically-speaking, the essence of my prints and paintings can be found in details fashioned from carefully built-up layers. Though this artistic process might be tedious, I find that it is also meditative, even hypnotic. By repeatedly focusing on the minutiae of concept and technique, I enter a mental space where personal thought and feeling can be organized and better understood, and ideas for current and future work can germinate.
A commonality in all my works is that they grow out of a preoccupation with the individual’s existence within place, our relations with others, and our reflexive understandings of the mind. I represent moments where I feel significance arises from the coming-together of seemingly mundane details. These concepts are expressed using a store of visual vocabulary, which though highly personal, is also hopefully recognizable and meaningful for the viewer.


I am a Canadian-born artist currently based in the northeast of Scotland. My most commonly used mediums are oil on wooden panel and copperplate etching, though I also produce pencil drawings, linocuts, and watercolours. I learned the bulk of my printing technique at the Atelier de Belleville in Paris, but I am mostly self-taught in the medium of oil painting. I also have a keen interest in the field of illustration and have taken on commissions in the past.