Keith Epps



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Wreck No.11 oil on canvas 91x91cm 2012

Madam, Box Hill. oil on canvas 51x51cm 2013

White Calf. oil on papered canvas 25x31cm 2012

Mariane's View oil on papered canvas 31x23cm 2012 (Commission)


My work is representational, and relies heavily on drawn or photographed reference material. I work mainly with oil paint for layered, more considered work, and use watercolour to draw and paint rapid, transient events from life.

While not feeling restricted to specific genres, I really do like painting clouds, and this leads naturally to landscape. I can use this to exploit contrasts suggested by the classical idea – Et in Arcadia Ego - where the dark and painful exists within the light and beautiful.

Underlying all my future work will be the constant development of painting technique and drawing skills, and exploring the inherent resonance of the human figure.


Son of Ernie and Doreen, and Brother of Ian. Married to Colby Adams

1954 - Born in London, I was brought to Edinburgh at an early age. I studied Drawing and Painting at Edinburgh College of Art 1973-77, and still live and work in Edinburgh.