Lee Craigmile

Website: http://www.leecraigmile.com

Email: leecraigmile@gmail.com

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Gylen Castle, Oil on Canvas, 150cm x 75cm

Whisky and Books, Oil on Canvas, 60cm x 50cm

Palazzo Vecchio At Night, Oil on Panel, 20cm x 30cm

Copper Pot, Oil on Canvas, 55cm x 55cm

Chloe, Oil on Canvas, 55cm x 110cm


Born in 1985, Lee Craigmile grew up in the seaside town of Largs, Scotland, where he first developed his interest in the Scottish landscape and his passion for painting. In 2005, Craigmile enrolled into the continuing education program at The Glasgow School of Art, where he studied drawing and painting for several years. He then moved to Florence, Italy in 2012 in order to enrol at The Florence Academy of Art. Lee graduated the from the Florence Academy of Art in June of 2015, and has now moved back to Glasgow where he has set up his studio.

Craigmile’s aim as an artist is to create works of art that express the beauty of the world as faithfully as possible while at the same time conveying the feeling and atmosphere of his subject, whether it be a landscape, portrait or a still-life. He finds inspiration through artists such as Eugene Carriere, John S. Sargent, J.M.W. Turner, Vincent Van Gogh, Pissarro, and Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. Lee hopes that he may inspire others—just as he himself was inspired as a youth—to realise the truth that one can achieve great works of art through the study of traditional techniques and methods of painting and by looking to the great artists of the past.

Craigmile’s primary focus is on landscape painting, where he combines his love of nature, atmosphere and rich painterly brushstrokes. He also specialises in still-lives and portraiture. Lee’s work has been exhibited throughout the U.K. and Europe, and can be found in private collections in the U.K. and the U.S.A.