Lynne Harkes



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Solar Circles 170 x 130 cm oil on canvas

Winter Dreamer 40 x 40 cm oil on board

Between the Seas 140 x 110 cm oil on canvas

Earthly Wisdom 36 x 46 cm oil on board

Sudden Bloom 30 x 40 cm oil on board

Majestic Sunset 30 x 40 cm oil on board


My inspiration, above all, comes from nature and the magic of light. Lately I've been working in a more abstract way and attempting to just allow whatever colour and form appears, rather than steering a piece. I enjoy the freedom of this sort of work where you don't even have a colour expectation, but are prepared to go with what appears.


As well as exhibiting in my hometown of Edinburgh, I have shown my work in various platforms during my periods of living in the Sultanate of Oman, in the Middle East and in West Africa and have work hanging in private collections in Australia, India, South Africa, South America, Oman and the United Kingdom.