Marshall De'Ath



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Kairos II, 2015. A site-specific installation with antique cast and 4-channel sound. Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.

Trace, 2015. A site-specific group vocal performance for Edinburgh Art Festival. General Register House, Edinburgh.

Kairos I, 2015. A site-specific sound installation. Thunder in the portico of the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.

Still life I, 2016. A site-specific, sound-led film work - performed, recorded and filmed inside a WWII bunker.

Face, 2013. Photograph.

Untitled (with trees), 2014. Photograph.


I use sound as a sculptural medium to explore perception of the self, place and time through site-specific and immersive works. The practice is intensely personal and wholly public – depending always on the presence of others participating with or without intent as performers or audience. Works, including installation, live performance and film, evolve through live or pre-recorded sound interventions responding to and challenging the meaning of what is manifest in the visual field.

Embracing sound, installation, live performance, sculpture, film and photography, my practice considers the absent and present self, the mutability of identity and the ambiguity of the other.


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