Mike Inglis

Website: http://www.spaceboy1966.blogspot.co.uk

Email: factflood@hotmail.co.uk

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treechurch installation - recycled material / mixed media - 8m x 8m x 2.5m

treechurch interior | decay shrine - recycled material / spraypaint / gold leaf - 2m x 4m

songs from the beginning of the world - hand made cloth boxes each containing 6 screenprints - 35cm x 50cm - edition of 8

dark matter installation - screenprint / spraypaint / 3D model / sound work

foreign bodies 1 - screenprint - 35cm x 50cm - edition of 17

dumfries outsider shrine - mixed media / spraypaint / transfer printing - 2m x 2.25m x 0.6m


I am a practicing artist and part time lecturer at Edinburgh college of art. I have created a series of permanent and temporary Public Art commissions across Scotland and have shown my gallery based projects in a variety of Scottish Galleries as well as London, Amsterdam, Barcelona and New Dehli.

My practice deals with and explores links between public art and outsider art. I enjoy making publically sited work that explores transitional spaces that “outsider art” often inhabits as well as bleeding these practices into work for more traditional gallery spaces. I am particularly interested in found materials and adhocist approaches to construction.

Ethnographic research lies at the centre of my creative process. The focus of my research often engages in a direct dialogue with outsiders or isolated communities, their dogmas or doctrines becoming the core of our dialogues. I am interested in exploring ideas that surround superstitions and belief systems in a wide variety of outputs from drawing and printmaking to installation work.

As a dynamic part of my practice I have enjoyed many residencies and collaborations, most recently artist in residence for Creative Scotland with Scottish Natural Heritage where I created an adhocist structure exploring the relationship between art, science and nature that also acts as a place of retreat providing shelter in a contemplative and holistic environment.

I continue to teach visual communication at Edinburgh College of Art within the School of Design where I also pursue research based around my public art practices and my interests in outsider art.


Mike Inglis graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone in 2000 and has balanced his own arts practice with a teaching position in the art school system. He currently teaches visual communication
 at Edinburgh College of Art within the School of Design where he also pursues research based around his art practices and in particular his interest in outsider art.
He is a founder member of Blameless Collective, the artists who took over the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh at the highly successful Rough Cut Nation exhibition in 2009 and who toured Scotland in the follow up installation Impossible Nation with the Travelling Gallery as well as Freedom Versions in Stirling.


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