Russell Aspinall


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Camusnagaul, oil on canvas, 80cm by 80cm

Dunkeld, oil on canvas, 70cm by 50cm

Glen Borrodale, oil on canvas, 80cm by 80cm

Sanna Bay, oil on canvas, 80cm by 80cm

Taynish Peninsula, oil on canvas, 80cm by 100cm

Blackwater River, oil on canvas, 80cm by 80cm


I paint landscapes using oil on canvas.
In part, I paint in order to learn how to paint, taking inspiration from the Modern art movements of the Fauves, Impressionists, Post-Impressionists, the Glasgow Boys and the Scottish Colourists.
My goal when painting is to include in equal measures art, language and representation. Art in the sense of being a visual work that provokes in the viewer a sense that there is some unity to the separate parts over and above what is being represented. Language in the sense that the individual painted marks have their own abstract identity on a small scale and yet, when combined on a larger scale, tends to a photographic realism.
I am particularly interested in striving to discover how and why a few simple structural painterly methods can develop the complexity of a Fauvist or Impressionistic work.
An ambition that continues to inspire.


Included in Robert Coles book “Artists and Illustrators around the New Forest and Solent”
Have exhibited, amongst others, at the Horizons Gallery in Brussels and Orchid Fine Arts in Hampshire.
Also exhibited for several years with the Bayswater Road Artists Association, London.
Awarded a degree in Art History from the Open University.
Whilst living in Italy, exhibited with many open-air art shows – including the Naviglio Grande in Milan and the streets of Piacenza. Across the border in France, showed on the Côte d'Azur in Cannes, Saint-Raphaël, Nice and Cros de Cagnes as well as in several small French villages in Provence.
Now living in Glasgow, have shown at the Drygate Urban Market and am now beginning to enter open art competitions in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London.