Aleksandra Kargul



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Loch Leven at Dusk VI, lithography, 32 x 49 cm

The Happy Place, stone lithography

Blackness Sunset, stone lithography

Change is a powerful thing, stone lithography

The Road Less Traveled, stone lithography, 25 x 31 cm

St Gile' Cathedral II, stone lithography, 30 x 44.4 cm


In my artistic journey I was always fascinated by architecture and the silent beauty of buildings.

During my studies at Edinburgh College of Art I met Ed Hollis who is an architect and an amazing storyteller. In his book: 'The secret lives of buildings' he quoted renaissance architect Leone Battista Alberti who wrote that: 'perfect beauty is that to which nothing may be added, and from which nothing may be taken away.'

Since reading that for the first time, I have always looked for that perfect moment when a building or a street is in perfect harmony with it's surroundings and time. How do I know I found it? It feels right. It is perfect. I wouldn't change a thing.

I am constantly looking for this perfect harmony of space and time. My most recent work is focusing on finding it within Scottish, Portuguese and Italian coastal scenery.


Aleksandra Kargul began her printmaking practice in Art High School in Poland where she specialised in etching. She came to Edinburgh in 2007 to study Interior Design and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2012. After graduation she continued to develop her artistic work through lithography, often on a commissioned basis. In 2015 she joined the team of Edinburgh Printmakers as studio assistant for 10 months and learnt more about other printmaking techniques such as screenprinting, photo gravure and cyanotype. adding to the techniques she had previously learnt in Poland. Aleksandra was recently awarded the prestigious Eichstaett Lithography Prize comprising a residency and solo exhibition in Bavaria, awarded through the SSA Open Exhibition 2015. Aleksandra Kargul is a passionate lithographer with a love for all printmaking processes. Aleksandra is SSA Council Member since 2016 and SSA VP since 2018. She teaches Stone Lithography Evening Class at Edinburgh Printmakers and she is the Home Design Stylist at John Lewis Edinburgh.

Two weeks Lithography Residency in Eichstaett and solo exhibition, Bavaria, April 2016
Received at the SSA annual exhibition 2015

Annual Print Residency 2017 in Eichstaett and solo exhibition, Bavaria, November 2017, Invited by Li Portenlänger


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