Angela Alexander-Lloyd



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punctum video installation 2.2m x 3m x 1.8m

punctum installation detail

if installation/performance

1:100,000 video projection installation

Matricide intervention sound installation

Doop installation with sound. Commemorative piece for the North Sea Floods of 1953.


Angela's practice centres on subjects that investigate the fundamental human experience, specifically addressing the issues that surround mortality salience. In a society reluctant to face the transient nature of life, the artist aims to engage the viewer with the themes of death, loss and grief. The intention is to re-open discourse with the aim of enlightenment/healing as these themes are often considered morbid or distasteful which has resulted in a disengaged and fearful society. Drawing on her own personal experience of loss, her work intentionally engages at a direct and intense level. Whilst the work resonates from her own understanding, she explores her concepts in the philosophies of Nietzsche, Sartre and more recently Roland Barthes. The Memento Mori tropes of the 14th Century and the Vanitas paintings of the16th and 17th Centuries also provide a rich ground for exploration and response. Angela's creative vocabulary encompasses many mediums, enabling a liberated expressive response and the artist continues to leave her practice open to experimentation. To date pieces have included video, installation, performance, sound and found objects. The universal sentiment and concerns of her pieces has received recognition through International exhibitions. With a leaning towards socially engaged practice, she had the honour of being selected to perform twice at the Society for Scottish Artists annual exhibition at the National Galleries of Scotland. 


Although born in Edinburgh, Scotland the majority of my young adult life was spent in London engaged in the finance sector as an equity analyst. The research driven nature of this period is very much core to my practice today, with work evolving after intense periods of engagement with academic papers across a multitude of fields. Despite graduating in 2016 and as such being considered as an emerging artist, I have achieved credible International success, participating in exhibitions in America, Europe and Asia. To date I have been awarded three funded residencies in the Netherlands, the WWT Nature Reserve in Caerlaverock and more recently with the climate change team at Historic Environment Scotland. My performance work "if" has been selected for the European mental health arts festival in Dublin at the start of 2019, this piece was chosen by the SSA for the annual exhibition in 2015/16, whilst I was still studying at DJCAD.


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