Anne Forte



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Gift, oil on canvas

Climb, oil on canvas

Bowl, oil on canvas

Boat, oil on canvas

Throw, oil on canvas

Fish Icon, oil on canvas


The content of my work as a painter and printmaker derives its inspiration from many sources, which include literature, film and theatre.

I like to begin with an idea, image or a piece of text and explore its possibilities. It is always an organic process, never linear, which means I am not working towards a previously visualised outcome. The end result is often a long way away from the starting-point. For me, this constant revision is an essential part of the work.

I work on prints and paintings, sometimes at the same time, or in separate blocks. I find the two disciplines complement each other. I can be working on the same theme in both, but find that the alchemy of each technique creates completely different images.


Anne graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Drawing and Painting (1977-81), after which she completed a PGCE at Moray House (Art and Design). She has recently graduated with a BA (Honours) First Class in Humanities, specialising in History of art and English literature.

She taught art and design in schools and colleges, and worked at the Citizens and TAG theatres in Glasgow as a set designer, whilst continuing to expand her art practise.

She has been an active member of Edinburgh Printmakers for over 30 years, serving on the Board in addition to making prints using screen printing, lithography, etching and collagraph. She is also a painter and has recently been experimenting in the making short video animations, one of which was shown in Boston, USA in 2016. It was also shown at Edinburgh Printmakers in the exhibition,' Indelible Traces'.

Currently, she is working on a series of paintings and prints which reflect her recent studies in medieval and Renaissance art.


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