Cassandra Harrison



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Edinburgh in the Rain, print on fabric, acrylic, thread, 14" x 12"

Torness Power Station, print on fabric, thread, 18" x 14"

Chancelot Mill, print on fabric, thread, 16" x 13"

Castle and Mound, print on fabric, thread, 12" x 10"


I decontextualize architecture, bringing levity to the solid structures creating pieces using a mixed media approach usually involving print on fabric and stitch embellishment.


Originally from the midwest, I trained in the states as a Fine Art major, minoring in Art Education. I currently work in Edinburgh as both an artist and an art teacher for young children. All of my art lessons incorporate Art History and creating artwork inspired by the artist or a specific artwork. My professional practice focuses on architecture and creating pieces using materials that are a jarring contrast to the firm, solid, unforgiving materials used in the fabric of the buildings. My favourite trick is to bring levity to Brutalist architecture by reducing it down to something soft and tactile by representing it in fabric form or by using the completely ridiculous and underrated Shrinky.


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