Cecile Grey

Website: http://cecilegrey.com

Email: CecileGrey@hotmail.com

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Storm (Monotype, 53 x 34 cm)

They give us bread and circuses (Mixed media, 32 x 60 cm)

What the future holds (Printing ink and collage, 32 x 42 cm)

Fallen Idols (32 x 41 cm, Printing ink and acrylic paint)

After night falls (36 x 46 cm, Monotype)


In my current work, I am revisiting the monolithic tower blocks of my youth and exploring my fascination for skyscrapers. The landscapes are allegories for the deeper societal issues I am concerned with, often dealing with the class system.

Although my work is strictly mixed media, I predominantly use printing ink with some occasional collage and acrylic paint. The start of a print is the most controlled stage, when I choose the objects I’ll use to create specific patterns and textures. After that, I want to respond to how the ink and the paper interact, to what they produce. Every piece feels like a collaboration between me and the media, each trying to control the tone, the textures, the composition. I want to be surprised and don’t aim to produce something that looks exactly like I imagined it.


I have lived in cities all of my adult life, but grew up in a commuter town on the outskirts of Paris. I came to art in my thirties and spent four years taking part-time classes at various institutions in Edinburgh and London including Edinburgh College of Art Centre for Open Learning, Edinburgh Drawing School, Leith School of Art or the London Royal Drawing School. I am now dedicating much of my time outside of my day job as a research scientist to printmaking.

Upcoming exhibitions:
Art in Granton, granton:hub, Madelvich house, 25-27 October 2019
Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, 7-10 November 2019