Cécile Simonis

Website: http://www.cecilesimonis.be

Email: cecilesimonis@gmail.com

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The stone walls, cyanotype and screenprint, painted wooden structure, 56 cm 148 cm (open)

The stone walls, cyanotype and screenprint, painted wooden structure, 54 x 74 cm (closed)

Half Moon, cyanotype and screenprint 47 x 38 cm

Eclipse, cyanotype, 162 x 152 cm

going away, cyanotype and screenprint, 150X14cm

Around the Watchtower, cyanotype, 54 x 76 cm


Drawing is always the starting point of my work. It is the way I make sense of what is around me and explore narratives, memories, interests, questions and feelings. Drawing allows me to create images that mix observations with imaginary elements and travel through time and space. I have always been interested in graphic novels, cinema and photography: mediums that link image-making and storytelling.
Along with prints and drawings, artists books are at the heart of my practise. Recently I also started making 3D objects. These mediums allow me to explore more ways of expressing the passage of time, changes and evolutions, and to depict a variety of points of view. These themes, along with my recurrent interest in images of travelling and exploration places, are essential in my work.


Cécile Simonis was born in 1984 in Belgium. She studied illustration in Belgium and Italy and later also graduated as an Art teacher.

She moved to Edinburgh (Scotland) in 2011 and joined Edinburgh Printmakers first as an interim then as an assistant technician. She is still a member of the studio and goes there to make her work.
She worked as an art teacher in Canada and currently teaches at The Edinburgh Drawing School and drawing for Edinburgh city council Adult Education program.
Her work has been selected for many exhibitions in Scotland, Belgium and Italy and won several prizes.