Charis Edward Wells



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The Elimination of Choice and The Selection of Circumstance. Performance. March 2012.

Charis and Arthur. Performance. 2012

For the Possibilities I Bled and Everything We Left Behind. Digital Print. 2012

Can't break A Muscle


Performance is a medium which allows me to explore the physical side of my theories and combine previously aquired skills within music and drama with the visual aesthetic of fine art.

The philosophical writings of Derrida, Sartre and Neitzche are of particular importance to my work, inspiring new thought paths for seemingly everyday subjects. Through experimentation and analysis we can seek Truth and through art we can display out findings.

My current work has been exploring the Structuralist theory of binary opposition and through it I have created my binary: Arthur De Nada. The performance of being Arthur gives the opposing reaction to that of my own to discover new connections and responses. My installation, The Arthur is Present played with the presence/absence binary which is thought to form the basis for most western structures.


2011 - 2015 Moray School of Art
Feb- Mar 2013 Intern - SSA
September 2013 - Mothertongue: Dérive and Détournement
October 2013 - Mothertongue: Everyone has A story