Chili Seitz



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paper, aluminium sheet, each sculptur 80x80x100 cm, 2018

sparks, glass fibre reinforced plastic, 600 x 300 cm, commissioned by federal office for materials research and testing, berlin, 2012

peppermint and sage, wallpainting, work on architekture with ute diez, commissioned by the nursery shool blue elephant, neumünster, 2019

ensigns, performance for 3 days with imigrants, raising and gathering the flags, 2017

the waitingroom for great luck, lightboxes, lather, dimensions variable, 2018

sjüün, app to download, (for further information have a look at the app store or visit the website, public space, isle of sylt, commissioned by the sylt museum, 2018


Her work ranges between audio, installation, spatial conception and sculpture. Collecting, confronting and creating new connections is a strategy that Chili Seitz applies in ever new investigations. Archives are often a central starting point, from which it draws or works back there again. The public space and the urban context play an important role in her work. Even the everyday outlook becomes clear in the "Archive of Immaterial Monuments" founded by her. The playful beginnings of meaningful reconnections through the targeted title of the work can always be read with a wink.
She is also the founder of the studios for non-linear thinking which she runs next to her work with her colleague Ute Diez.


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