Deborah Ilett


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Masquerade. Acrylic on board, coated with resin. 260cm x 260cm (each disc is 80cm in diameter)


My art practice focuses on the interrelationships between the natural world, fascinating found objects, the world of science and ourselves.  It is driven by my sense of awe and wonder at the complexity, intricacy, sense of order and the varied and amazing things ongoing in the natural world which are so often overlooked, things which cannot happen by chance.  It reflects on the effects of time, a sense of belonging, place and memory.

Exploring subjects at a greater depth and in detail creates a vivid sense of excited anticipation at what may be discerned or discovered.  Combining art with my scientific background enables me to create artworks that engender the thrill of discovery, encouraging the observer to explore their responses to each piece and make discoveries of their own, re-awakening the childhood sense of curiosity.  Offering an innovative alternative to the instant gratification attitude of today’s society.


Deborah Ilett was born in the north of England, but has lived in the Scottish Highlands for over twenty years. She graduated from the University of the Highlands and Islands where she studied BA(Hons) Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice. She works from her home-based studio overlooking the Cromarty Firth.


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