Evija Laivina

Website: http://www.evijalaivina.com

Email: evijalaivina@gmail.com

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Beauty Warriors / Eyebrow Shaper

Water Bags

The Heavy Stuff



My work explores relationships between women identity and social standards, the beauty and standards of beauty, what women are experiencing and what they are ready to do to achieve society’s expectations.

My main medium is photography, and I also use other mediums to connect the ideas. I work with a digital camera and studio lighting. The process of preparing, collaboration between me and my sitter to achieve perfection in composition and style is very important in my art. I like to have full control over my ideas. I treat photography like a painting, paying attention to detail, creating my own backgrounds and setups. Other mediums help me to connect ideas to give a more direct and engaging experience than just photography.


Evija Laivina was born in Latvia (1978) and living in Scotland. She started to work with photography in 2007. She graduated from University of Highlands and Islands where she studied BA Hons Contemporary art ad Contextual Practice. Laivina currently lives in Inverness, Scotland and works at her studio at Inverness Creative Academy.