Evija Laivina

Website: http://www.evijalaivina.com

Email: evijalaivina@gmail.com

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Eyebrow Stencil, Beauty Warriors, 2017

Water Bags, Beauty Warriors, 2019

The Heavy Stuff, sculpture/ installation, 2019

Specimen N1, Everything Is Going To Be Awesome, sculpture, 2019

Booty Beauty, Beauty Warriors 2018, digital photograph

Everything Is Going To Be Awesome! Sculpture, 2019


Visual artist. Working in any media that works and helps to tell the story. My work is mostly inspired by the every day life, beauty politics, medicine and news actualities. My studio is located in Inverness, Scotland.


Evija Laivina was born in Latvia (1978) and living in Scotland. She started to work with photography in 2007. She graduated from University of Highlands and Islands where she studied BA Hons Contemporary art ad Contextual Practice. Laivina currently lives in Inverness, Scotland and works at her studio at Inverness Creative Academy.


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