Fionna Buck Geddes



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'System II', encaustic/panel, 11.5x13.5"

'System III', encaustic/panel, 11.5x13.5"

'System IV', encaustic/panel, 11.5x13.5"

'System V', encaustic/panel, 11.5x13.5"

'System IX', encaustic/panel, 11.5x13.5"


My work expresses the interconnectedness of life. It has to do with energy, dance, movement, spirals, time, weather and light. Some of my pieces characterize opposing forces and the effort to harmonize them.

Although I see everything as related, I remain open in order to let the material have its say. I allow the materials to teach me rather than my trying to impose my will. The process itself becomes the art, and the viewer continues this process.

I merge drawing, painting, and printmaking and have always tended to break down the parameters of disciplines. One of my recent mixed- media series is dark with metallic colors added to the encaustic layers to lighten the work. The paintings have many layers with subtle graduations of color and texture. In another series I allow the paper to come through.

I strive for purity and simplicity, always honing my work to its essence.