Gillian Adair McFarland



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April's Moon Print

Conical Flasks 17 Degraded

Wear, Punctured paper

Crumple 5

Adaptations.McFarland&Singer 17

Drawing Jars 2017


My interest is in the understanding of apparently random events. This has led me to working with a glassblower (something I knew nothing about) and exploring expansion and contraction in an enactment of post-Big-Bang processes with extremes of heat, light, and rotation. Blowing glass pushes forms and colours into a sense of order in a sort of evolutionary process. The beauty of the glass solidifying from such extremes of heat fascinates me and the tactile nature is compelling, a desire to touch coupled with a fear of the inherent fragility.
I like to explore how things impact on other things, reflecting on cause and causality. In my punctured paper works, ideas of history and time wrap around, a repeated action radiating outwards that can be viewed from both sides of the paper, a squeeze in one dimension becoming a bulge in another. The archaeology of marks or objects, the material culture, invites investigation and the desire to draw closer, to connect in understanding. Enquiry and process impacts in art making and hopefully integrates the viewer and maker with the image..
The similarities with scientific research is obvious in these processes.

Current projects ‘Curiosity and Creativity” and 'Process" conversing with astronomers and geneticists has moved working and looking onto more informed pathways, whilst preserving the excitement of random acts. My work tries to ask the viewer to look longer and closer, to consider the results as the aftermath. The implications of the history of time travel through these works. The more we discover through the art of looking the more questions open out in front of us. History and time move us back and forth in our understanding . We are where we are and everything is around us. There is something in the abstract in creative acts whether creation through purposeful will or from making sense of random events colliding.


Born Scotland
Studied Fine Art St Martin's School of Art, London BA Hons
Post grad Art Therapy,Edinburgh
Employed as Art Therapist in the NHS for 14 yrs
Currently Artist in Residence at De Montfort University and Honorary Research Fellow in School of Genetics, Leicester University.
Working between Fife and Leicester


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