Graham McLachlan



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Below the Surface: Acrylic on canvas, 60cms x 60cms

Source: Acrylic on canvas, 60cms x 60cms

Aye on the Future: Acrylic on canvas, 60cms x 60cms

Shoreline: Acrylic on canvas, 60cms x 60cms

Scape 4: Acrylic on canvas, 60cms x 60cms

Scape 1: Acrylic on canvas, 60cms x 60cms


I like making free-flowing calligraphic marks. I like the way paint feels, the way colours work together, scraping it back and drips running down the canvas. I don't like total control, I like the marks to wander and surprise me.
Painting is like a risky adventure: sometime frustrating, sometimes exciting, always stretching. I like immediacy and a quick response in order to try to gather an essence. The process is to maintain that immediacy of sketching, adapting and eventually making and maintaining the finished piece.
My paintings are representations of responses to patterns, shapes, colours and contrasting textures that take my eye. The decision to sketch something is triggered by these things but the subject matter does not dominate the final outcome.
I start drawing with a Chinese calligraphic brush on a flat canvas. The drawings come from my sketch books or from my head, landscapes and groups of figures.
I then start to paint between the lines, onto the lines and over the lines, adding more colours. From here the adventure begins. Where the journey takes me may still represent the start of the painting or it may not.
The point of completion may arrive early or late. What I am looking for is a painting which reveals itself gradually over time.
The painting has a life of its own.


RSA Students Exhibition
Art for Action (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)
Patron and Painters (Stirling)
Scottish Artists (Pennsylvania, USA)
Society of Scottish Artists (RSA)
Artists Showcase (MacLaurin, Ayr)