Isla Goldie



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Two Sides, Isla Goldie

Spring Blues, Isla Goldie

Hazy Morning, Isla Goldie

Drowning Narcissus, Isla Goldie

Flight at Dusk

Rainbow Cloud Reflected


The Secret Tonic of Wildness – Isla Goldie

"Nature is a symbol of spirit" (Emerson, 1849)

I am a photographer working in the North East of Scotland where all of my work is created.

The main feature of this exhibition is nature photography, inspired by Thoreau’s immersive and durational process of observing life by a pond: the play of light as it dances on the water and alien insect perspectives are captured in a unique 9:4 format, often printed using mirror as a medium.

Finding and recording natures secrets, the play of light as it dances on the landscape and visiting a new world of perspectives, I vary the technical settings until the camera produces an aesthetic that evokes this. 


Born 1976 in Aberdeen, Scotland.
Using mirror as a medium since 2016.
Graduated with Distinction from Grays School of Art, Aberdeen in 2018 with a BA in photography.
Enrolled to complete honors year in 2020.