Jackie Smith

Website: https://smithsownian.wordpress.com

Email: jackie.smith@mac.com

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Multi Blob Array, Screenprint, 132cms x 282cms

4Floating, Screenprint, 70cms x 98cms

3Floating, Screenprint, 70cms x 98cms

Flashlight1, Digital Print, 66cms x 94cms

Flashlight2, Digital Print, 66cms x 94cms

Flashlight3, Digital Print, 66cms x 94cms


My most recent work has developed as a direct result of my involvement in the Eye Can Draw project at DCA Print Studio where I have learnt to use eye tracking technology to make line drawings.
As I developed some skill with the tracker, I became particularly interested in the distinctive nature of the drawings it produces. I recognised a quality of image, redolent of the cut outs made by Matisse in his late career as he too made use of a new technique to continue his work. I began to deliberately exploit this quality through the construction of parallel and multiple curves which form the basis of my current imagery. In some of the pieces, the initial drawings have been replicated and expanded using digital technology to construct prints which are made on an individual basis, placing each element in relation to its neighbours organically.
The colours are deliberately jarring in an attempt to emphasise the visual provenance of the images and also to refer to the colour palette of an on-going digital project which aims to suggest a visual narrative for my M.S.
in parallel to myprints, I have made a number of animated films, these introduce dance like movement to the distinctive drawn elements, which appear and subsequently dissolve or metamorphose.


Originally from South Wales, Jackie Smith now lives in Dundee. She works mainly with print, photography and digital imaging and has had a long association with DCA Print Studio, where she was Everyone Project Artist in Residence during 2011.
She has also worked in the visual arts in Scotland for many years as an educator, curator and facilitator in parallel to as her career as an artist. Her work has been exhibited extensively throughout her career and she has work in both public and private collections.

Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when she was in her early twenties, much of her ensuing work has revolved around strategies which allow her to continue her work in the face of increasing disability. Most recently she has been working with new eye tracking technology to make line drawings which are subsequently transferred into image manipulation programmes and developed into prints. She works with assistants to use a variety of print media, most frequently screen print and wood block. She also makes short, abstract animated films.