Jayne Stokes

Website: http://www.jaynestokes.com

Email: jaynestokesuk@yahoo.co.uk

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'Hebridean' Acrylic,collage, Found objects in matchboxes 54 x70cm

'Day by Day' Watercolour and collage on paper

'Souvenir' Scottish matchboxes, found objects and acrylic

'All Washed Up' ink of ceramic fragments


My work aims to show the passage of time across the landscape and to explore our relationship with it. At art school I documented the journeys I made in the form of photographs, sketches and collections of found materials. That practice has continued and developed since then; and is this is essentially what informs my work and ideas. While my paintings and mixed media pieces are often devoid of people, typically they show traces of human intervention. This might be manmade structures such as houses and fences or, less explicitly, the aggregate effect that human existence has had on the environment.

There are number of reasons why I choose to work in mixed media. Firstly, when I incorporate found objects they tell me something about the landscape, akin to when an archaeologist unearths a relic. A piece of stone, sand, earth or bark can all be spark a memory or help to provide a sense of place.Multiple layers and textures often feature and this helps me to capture the essence of the place, more fully than a photograph can. As part of that, individual paintings are sometimes shaped by burning the edges of the paper to emulate the landscape; and this also emphasises the sense of the pieces being relics or a series of artifacts.I like to work on a small scale but with multiple images because I feel that this draws the viewer in, encouraging their involvement with, and scrutiny of the piece. So, I will often use media such old matchboxes and tins as framing devices to contain and magnify the artwork. In addition, each one of these objects has its own history and has arrived with me following a journey in someones pocket or after time spent on someones shelf.

The environment and sustainablity are important issues to me personally and increasingly something that none of us can ignore. This also feeds into my use of mixed media. My works is rarely made from only from virgin materials. It comes from things that are remade or recyled, or changed and repurposed. That is as important to the work as the messages and stories about the places I visit and document. I hope to remind people of the importance of stopping and appreciating what is around us'


Born in Shropshire in 1973, Stokes graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1996 with a first- class degree in drawing and painting. Latterly she studied at Winchester School of Art in Barcelona graduating with an MA in Fine Art in 1998.
She recently gained professional membership of the Society of Scottish Artists and was shortlisted for The Sunday Times Watercolour Prize in 2015, 2016 & 2018. She was awarded the Open Eye Gallery Exhibition Prize in 2017; and both the Moidart Trust Landscape Prize and the Royal Scottish Academy Art in Healthcare Award in 2016.

Jayne lives and works in North Berwick. Her work is held in several private and public collections.


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