Jenny Pope



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Banksia seed Pods at Dublin Botanic gardens, 2013, porcelain, 2.4mx 2.1m

Worry Stones 1 , 2013, wood plastic, 25cm long box, pieces 4-7cm long each

Erosion pools, 2016, porcelain, ink, glass, 1.8m long

3 objects from "that's not what i mean", 2016


I am a visual artist producing a range of work from small delicate objects to large-scale sculptural pieces.

At the core of my practice is the exploration of plastic materials such as clay, porcelain and components of concrete through a process of research and experimentation into their physicality, structure and fragility.

My inspiration comes from beachcombing as both a meditative activity and a process of collating objects, using found objects as worry beads. I collect man-made relics trying to make sense of remnants of information, patterns of indents, holes and the repetitive worn surfaces from an object being used.

My current focus is found bone sections, an amazing mix of original functional orthopedic structures with eroded surfaces. I make associations with large-scale rock structures weathered over time. They have similar calciferous composition, and I am drawn to the water flow marks, wind eroded edges and lichen coverings.

My artwork also is a desire to express ideas around my experience of mindfulness. I use the analogy of weathering of objects to suggest the uncertainty and changes we all face as human beings. I am exploring ways to convey my continual attempt to be in the present moment with intention and focus.


Edinburgh College of Art, 2003, Design and Applied Art, ceramics, BA ( first)
Edinburgh College of Art, 2005, Master Fine Art, sculptural ceramics.


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