Joy Arden



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Untitled.Oil on board. 60x60cm

Wasteland. Oil on board. 60x60cm

Velvet blue. Oil on board.60x60cm

Silver light. OIl on board. 27x23cm

Wasteland below. Oil on board. 23x23cm

Perimeter. Oil on board. 27x23cm


I have always had an interest in urban wastelands, street architecture, crumbling or abandoned buildings and industrial sites. They are visually rich with the worn and battered facades registering the passage of time and their current or past use.
My paintings and drawings currently reflect this interest and over the recent period, a wasteland next to my studio has been a major source of material.

I usually produce drawings on-site. These are a response to what I see rather than drawings of record. The paintings are a further free interpretation of the subject, where colours or shapes are ‘discovered’ or revealed during a process of applying paint and scraping back, until I feel there is a tension and a sense of something seen or experienced.


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