Karen Maxted

Website: http://karenmaxted.com

Email: karen_maxted@hotmail.com

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Morrison Street, acrylic and pencil on board, 69 x 69cm

Electricity, acrylic, lastertrans and pen on board, 69 x 69cm

Rooms IV, balsa, acrylic and pen on board, 69 x 69cm

Quarry I, Acrylic and pen on board, 35 x 35cm

Moss, monofilament fishing wire and thread, 17 x 17cm


My current work focuses on painting and my interest is in the process of forming of a composition.

The composition of my paintings is arrived at through creating a series of small drawings which are studied through re-drawing and photocopying - enlarging and inverting to study the drawings and change them. The final composition is arrived at through the re-arrangement of these altered and deconstructed drawings.

The background often acts as an indicator of how the image has come about and often areas of the board remain untouched to show the process of building the painting.

Current concerns include surface, finish and the exploration of scale - with an array of tiny elements arranged together on large boards or large elements presented on the wall or floor.


I am currently studying for a BA Combined Studies in Art and Design at Edinburgh College of Art (part-time).

I have exhibited with Visual Arts Scotland and Black Cube Collective.

I live in Troon, Ayrshire.


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