Kate Bauen

Website: http://www.BauenArt.com

Email: kate.bauen@gmail.com

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Puffer No.5. 100 x 90cm Mixed Media on Canvas

Argyll 12. 40 x 60cm Mixed Media on Canvas

CroftLife 2. 50 x 60cm Mixed Media on Wood

CroftLife 1. 80 x 60cm Mixed Media on Wood

Barra Blues 1. 80 x 60cm Mixed Media on Wood

Homesick Blues. 80 x 60cm Mixed Media on Wood


My current artistic practice derives from consideration of 'Home' and what it means to me as a ‘nomad’. In the last few years, as my homesickness becomes a more prominent (and permanent) feature in my life, my creativity has become strongly driven by my heritage and culture – looking backward from different points in time, through different memory lens’, in order to determine the creative road forward.
The Scottish landscape, coastline, its waterways and all that this means in social and historical context, is currently my predominant focus. I spend as much time as I can painting my way around Scotland, creating studies which I later convert to canvas largely in mixed media. I endeavour to get to know my homeland and its people on a different level through my painting experiences, the people I meet and the pieces I produce. This is a deliberate act on my part as I have, in the past, had little interest in landscapes in ‘realistic’ form; however, taking a Neo-naïve approach has opened up my mind, pushed me in my creative development and given me a new perspective on the theme.


Born and raised in urban Glasgow, Scotland, Kate received her first Bachelor’s degree at the University of West of Scotland and went on to finely develop her artistic career in parallel to that as a paint and colour chemist which she fully utilizes in her Acrylic and Mixed Media work creating her unique Neo-Naïve pieces. An avid supporter and champion of Naïve and Outsider Art, Kate mentors and coaches up and coming young artists at her studio in Basel, Switzerland and is a member of various collaboratives including Front of Bicycle (Basel), Outside In (UK) and Uncooked Culture (International). She also works extensively to give back creatively to the world through numerous social, community and charitable events by donation and participatory projects.
Kate’s creative drive is the mystique of her Celtic heritage, her homeland and ancestry from the perspective of self-imposed exile. Her resulting Neo-Naïve works have serious big bang colour and texture but with a simplicity of form that takes it far beyond the traditional Naïve genre, reflecting both the romance and turmoil experienced from, and exuded by, a nomadic artist.