Kate Bell

Website: http://www.katebellartist.co.uk

Email: katebellartist@gmail.com

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'Moth Soup' by Kate Bell, 2018.


Bell is a contemporary arts practitioner predominantly working with film, stop-motion animation and puppetry. Since her BA(Hons) at Gray’s School of Art in 2012, her work has explored the ecology of imagination and objects in relation to ideas of re-enchantment and the animation of matter. After completing an MFA at Duncan of Jordanstone in 2019, cultural epidemics such as mental pollution, internalised violence, the nature of total positivity and themes surrounding the expulsion of otherness have become the backbone to her work. Surrealism, magical realism and ideas relating to temporality and philosophies of the imagination continue to infuse her practice.

The seed title for most pieces and areas of research are ‘There is more to life than the s*** we got stuck with. Art and a sense of re-enchantment is needed'.


B. 1990, Scotland.

Kate Bell has completed an MFA in Arts & Humanities, with distinction from Duncan of Jordanstone (University of Dundee), and, a First-Class BA(Hons) Textiles & Surface Design at Gray’s School of Art (Robert Gordon University), as well as attending Central Saint Martins and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop to develop her practice.

Bell has exhibited across the country annually including cities such as Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, the Scottish Borders, Leeds, Norwich, Southhampton and London.

She has received multiple awards in relation to her practice including her most recent success with The Visual Artist & Craft Makers Award (2020) and Young Artist Masters Award (2019).

In addition to this, Bell has been awarded a position in the Contemporary Arts Practice Residency at Duncan of Jordanstone, as well as the Lead Artist in Residence at Edinburgh based programme with Impact Arts Projects Ltd (2015-2018).


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