Kathryn Polley

Website: https://www.kathrynpolleyphotography.com

Email: kp@kathrynpolleyphotography.com

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Back Walks Cost One Pound. Up Front. (Album Famila)

Jonathan (Album Famila)

Love Them While They Sleep (Album Famila)

Downward (Album Famila)

Sleep In Forgetfulness Of All Ill - John Muir (Nearly There, Yet)

The Stillness Is At Once Awful And Sublime - John Muir (Nearly There, Yet)


I am a visual artist working primarily with photography, both digital and analogue.

Addressing my own experiences as an adult adoptee has led to a recognition of the fact that much of my work focuses on the ways in which we construct and understand a sense of territory and identity. My own lack in this area manifests as an affinity for the liminal. I often use the camera as a therapeutic tool, mapping out territories and boundaries, identifying the ways in which we seek to belong or choose to represent ourselves. Health, both mental and physical, environmental and social concerns have provided the impetus for projects that consider our impact on the world around us and how we fit into it so that work which might begin on a very personal level, transforms into something much more universal.
Work is most often in the shape of long form immersive and iterative projects, often revisting the same sites many times to create documentary, landscape and portrait series.


Now settled in Helensburgh on the west coast of Scotland after graduating from the Glasgow School of Art as a mature student in 2017 where I studied Communication Design and specialised in photography. First Prize Winner of the 2017 Jill Todd Photographic Award for the series Album Familia. I have exhibited in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London.


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