Katy Anderson

Email: katyaanderson@outlook.com

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'Look Up' mixed media

Can you see me? pen on paper, A2

Eye of the Storm, Emulsion on board , A0

Followers, pen on tracing paper, A4


Identity/hidden identity. The convicted/the exonerated. Democracy/dictatorship.
Seeking inspiration from current affairs I aim to make sense of the world as I and others see it. I am both intrigued and unsettled by the society we live in today bringing together opposing ideas within my work.
Through my use of bold, contrasting colours and crisp lines I aim to hypnotise the viewer reflecting the way that we, as a society, can often be easily controlled. I use pattern to create spatial effects that can draw the viewer closer. Yet, as they are enticed closer they begin to question what is really going on.


I am currently an artist and primary school teacher based in West Lothian.
I studied drawing and painting at Edinburgh College of Art between 2008-2012. Following my degree show I was invited to show work at the RSA New Contemporaries exhibition in 2013.