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The following project from the 1990s represents an example of a collaborative ‘field-work project’ which evolved in relation to Scotland’s desire to govern its own affairs. George Wyllie; a creative partner, a great friend and formidable artist was a past President of the S.S.A. and died aged 90 in 2012.

The Stones of Scotland – 2020 = 20th Anniversary
Regent Road Park – Edinburgh. Overlooking the Scottish Parliament

A project conceived, stone collected by George Wyllie MBE, Kenny Munro, Lesley-May Miller. Stuart Rogers of the Paul Hogarth Company and installed by Bob Wilson of Stephen Paul Associates. Initial coordination by Neil Baxter Assoc.

The project grew out of a previous journey in Ireland in 1994 undertaken by George Wyllie and Kenny Munro when they visited the 32 counties and collected materials to create the Spires for Hibernia which featured in a film by Murray Grigor.

In 1998 Kenny Munro received a ‘development grant’ from the Scottish Arts Council and in 2000 George Wyllie was awarded a major grant, from Creative Scotland, which enabled the practical realisation and installation of the project.
A creative journey was planned visiting each of the 32 Regions of Scotland, involving local communities in finding distinctive stones to represent each area for a circular sculpture installation. The chosen site at Regent Road Park, Edinburgh was donated by Edinburgh City Council and is designated as a World Heritage Site.

Permission was gained to incorporate part of Hugh MacDiarmid’s poem Scotland as part of the installation and Tessa Ransford composed a new piece of poetry, entitled Incantation, to coincide with the work. Also a fine Scots pine tree has matured at the centre of the work.

“Wyllie has striven to communicate with audiences by taking art out of the gallery and into the Community. The Stones of Scotland is intended as a meeting place with a variety of uses – a contemplative retreat, yes, but perhaps also a tourist stop, the subject of a school trip or a speakers forum.”

The project was also endorsed by the Geological Society and Scottish Natural Heritage.
There are several online references to the work and an illustrated leaflet can be sought from the Edinburgh Geographical Society.
Other projects have enabled exchanges with India, Australia, Norway, Germany and France with particular inspiration from ecologist Sir Patrick Geddes (1854-1932).
Other notable works can be seen at The Church Hill Theatre Edinburgh, The Geddes Memorial, Evergreen, in Perth and several public art commissions in East Lothian, Renfrew and Fife.
The Corrennie granite slab, at the centre of the SOS installation, on which part of the Hugh MacDiarmid (1892-1978) poem 'Scotland' is sandblasted was donated by the Fyffe-Glenrock company in Aberdeenshire.
Also elements of Tessa Ransford's poem 'Incantation' feature, at the centre, beside the 'footprint' stone.

Kenny Munro April 2020


Kenny Munro - Sculptor - Born 1954
Involved with Society of Scottish Artists since 1970s
Studied ECA Edinburgh and RCA London.
Chair of Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop – 2000
Currently Chair of The Sir Patrick Geddes Memorial Trust - 2019


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