Kirsty Lorenz



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'Prayer' - installation of 50 prayer flags, each flag with a different wild flower posy painting accompanied by sound and projection.

'Kitchen Garden Votives', Watercolour and Acrylic on Paper, a series of paintings of flower posies made vegetables, fruit and herbs.

'Votive Offering No.85 - White Foxglove after Mary Delany', Oil on Linen, 60x40cm

'Diod Anfarwaldeb - The Draught of Immortality', Acrylic on wood panel, 70x70cm, based on a recipe from the druids of Anglesey.

'Aura Suavis (Sweet Air) - A Mind Opening Recipe', Acrylic on Aluminium, 60x60cm, based on an ancient recipe to open the mind.

'Votive Offering - White Field Rose', Watercolour and Acrylic on Paper, 40x40cm


Flowers have been a central subject to my work since 2003, depicting them in different ways and contexts through painting, drawing, mixed media and installation . Over the years my ambitions for them have grown from straight portaiture to more complex compositions and ideas. Currently I am working on the following projects:

'Pharmaka - Plants, Magic and Medicine' - a series of paintings and drawings exploring the healing properties of plants , nature and faith.

‘Votive Offerings’ is an ongoing project, begun in 2014, a series of portrayals of wild flowers I have made and left around Scotland, and further afield. The work explores the motif of the posy as gift, prayer or message, as well as the poetics of the act of picking, making and leaving the posies in different environments or locations.


1989 - 92 BA Joint Hons Art & Art History, Goldsmiths College, London
1995 - 2001 Hospital Arts Co-ordinator, Artlink, Edinburgh

2002- present Artist - See CV for details
2009 - Launched the Artist Studio on Platform 2, Ladybank Railway Station, Fife.


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