Li Portenlaenger



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Li Portenlänger - Statement

In lithography I build images from separate pictorial elements. The geometry of line, square or circle creates abstract spaces. By printing these elements over or next to each other, I develop new constellations of space and rhythm. When using found images, I try to create distance by inverting them, for example, or altering them using computer programmes.
Since 1998 I have lead the lithography workshop in Eichstaett, Germany. <> This is a studio adjusted to collaboration with international artists of lithography.
Before that, the main focus of my artistic practise was performance art. My performances use the movement of the body (dance) to explore material and historical spaces.


Li Portenlänger
Painting and Graphic Art: Diploma at Academy of Art und Music Bremen, specialized in Lithography at RHoK Academy, Brussels with Rudolf Broulim.
Dance and Movement: Modern Dance with Gerd Leon/ Bremen, Diploma; Renaissance- and Baroque-Dance at Bremen Academy of Historical Music.
Taiji Quan, Instructor-Diploma of International School of Central Equilibrium (NZ) with Wee Kee Jin.
Main interests in artwork - Performance and Lithography
Art in Public Realm: Wallpaintings und Public Art Projects in Bremen;
Landscape-Project „The Golden Path“, a pathway to history, Eichstaett;
Performances since 1984 in museums, galeries, public spaces in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherland, Austria;
Exhibitions and lithography projects in Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Swizzerland,Tchech Republic, China, Scotland;
2008 to „Sino-Europe Printmaking Forum Tianjin“, CN.
2011/2012 Druckwerkstatt Schloss Haldenstein, CH.
2013 „LITHOS GABRIELI“ in Museo Moesano, San Vittore, CH;
2014 „TARTAN“, lithography at Edinburgh Printmakers, GB.
Since 1998 Director of Lithographic Workshop Eichstaett/ Curator:
2008 HORTUS WANDER WUNDER KAMMER in Eichstaett with 18 international artists and scientists;
2010 TIME WAYS – HEAVEN PATHWAY in Eichstaett with 12 international artists and scientists;
2011 EICHSTAETT and CHINA – one week of chinese art and culture; chinese artists, musicians, scientists and Taiji Quan;
2012–2014 HORTUS OBSCURUS – exhibitions, guided tours, performances, lectures in a parc of the Enlightenment, the Cobenzl-Garden, Eichstaett;