Lisa Solovieva



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My practice focuses on contextualising the discourse about the painterly form within the technological medium. The canvas is composed of two main elements: a background painted in oil and foreground drawn digitally and printed with a drawing robot Axidraw3. Combining both, computer generated imagery and a tangible expression of painting.

The foreground makes a stance on disruptive design with a particular regard to grids and systems. Liking to combine contrasting elements, my imagery choices are informed by re-appropriated Internet found material. The composition process is practice lead and takes several layers before completion.

The background relates to painterly traditions, with a particular interest in abstract and expressionistic movements. Mainly concerned by internal considerations of painting, I aim at releasing the emotional potential of the painterly surface. Experimenting with colour, shape and composition I explore physical mark making.

Anchored in a process-based practice, my work questions the painterly language within the context of contemporary media.


Lisa Solovieva is a Swiss, Russian artist based in Glasgow. Working mainly within the medium of painting, she combines robotic print techniques and traditional painting.

She trained in painting in St. Petersburg before completing a BA in Visual Communication Graphic Design at ECAL Switzerland and a Masters Degree in Drawing at Wimbledon College of Art London. Besides her personal practice she is part of a collaborative art collective where she plays a central role.

Lisa’s work has been exhibited internationally in places such as the National Gallery, The Design Festival Berlin, the Crypt Gallery and more. Lisa’s work can be found in major private collections in Miami, Paris and London.