Lorna Fraser

Website: http://www.lornafraser.co.uk/

Email: lornafraser@hotmail.co.uk

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Porcelain Water Lilies, Scottish Sculpture Park, Caol Ruadh

Cross Pollination, porcelain/mixed media. City Arts Centre

Gramineae, porcelain. Installation shown at Cambo Stables

Nuphar, porcelain Image credit: Michael Wolchover

Whitehouse, porcelain/mixed media. Garden Gallery,Portobello

Porcelain Seedlings in a dry stane dyke, scottishsculpturepark.com


The shapes and structure of plant life provides me with endless inspiration. When translating these ideas into clay, the challenge is to respond to the sculptural quality of the plant whilst also reflecting their fragility and sensuality. I like to take elements from different parts of plants, particularly water lilies, to create my own hybrids.

At the moment I do not use colour in the work, preferring the beautiful surface quality of unglazed porcelain. The whiteness of the work emphasises the form, and the shadows they cast become integral to the piece, however black has recently crept into the work in the form of plant imagery.


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