Louis Gatner

Email: louis234342@hotmail.co.uk

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'The Monument'

WW100 Proofing

Saw Sculpture

Leith Apparel

Installation of Schindlers List

'Second Skin'


Life is not straightforward. Life is more angular, subtracted and hard to decipher. My life has certainly been this way, however there is much to take from this.

Through the use of Printmaking, Drawing and Sculpture I am able to convey what can be seen as a general idea into something that resonates with anyone. By focusing on aspects of life such as humans and buildings, I am able to turn what can be seen as a negative into a positive.


As of 2018 I have been studying Contemporary Art Practice at Gray's School of Art. Although still harnessing and developing my ideas, my practice revolves around personal experiences and how they can affect not just me as an individual but to anyone.

By being an artist, I want to not only make work that relates to me but also to anyone viewing it. Art is like cooking or playing music, it is a shared experience, not only a personal one.