Mark Davies



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On the Banks of the Feugh, near Woodend, Acrylic on canvas 30" x 24"

The Sunlight Breaking thro' the Shade Acrylic on canvas 30" x 24"

Latran and Castle Steps, Cesky Krumlov Oil on canvas 20" x 16"

Winter's Chill, Falls of the Clyde Acrylic on canvas 32" x 40"

Pounding water, Corra Linn, oil on canvas 20" x 16"

Karluv most, Oil and acrylic on canvas 20" x 16"


I spent 5 years studying fine art, design and media to honours degree level in Lancashire and Cumbria and now combine my art with a long term career in conservation, rustic crafts, green woodwork and as a willow worker and sculptor.


Has lived and worked in the Clyde Valley in rural South Lanarkshire since 2000, combining development of artwork in a range of media with a career in conservation which provides much inspiration.
Following completion of artistic study in Lancashire & Cumbria, there followed the great inspiration of living on the Solway coast with all the ever changing light and atmosphere that only coastal life can bring.
The work and realism of Victorian landscapists such as David Young Cameron, William McTaggart, Horatio McCulloch and JMW Turner, together with impressionist painters such as Sisley, Pissaro & Monet have provided much influence though it is the solemn but magnificent atmospheric landscapes & snowscapes of the Deeside artist Joseph Farquharson that have provided the most influence and inspiration for many years and from an early age. Several visits to Joseph's estate at Finzean, together with many years of study of his works have allowed the artist's own estate of Corehouse to be viewed in a similar way to Finzean, with similar woodlands and tracks and the magnificent Falls of the Clyde just a short stroll away.

European street scenes have been a particular focus recently, with the twilight works of the Czech artist Jiri Vales an inspiration, focusing on the contrast between artificial light and the fading natural light on the buildings and cobbled streets. The Czech Republic has provided a wealth of material and as a regular visitor and an 'improving' Czech speaker, is a place I love.
It is not always physically possible to produce regular works, especially when your main work is elsewhere. Sometimes the mind is willing or even over active though the body is not! I tend to build up ideas and studies in my head for months at a time then furiously create and produce the scene I have been building up to. When I work, I work quickly. Sometimes I would love to work on a scene for months upon end, just as Joseph Farquharson did, with painting huts around the woods but in reality, I am more of an impressionist, though still striving for some realism. For example, the two most recent larger paintings, "The sunlight breaking thro the shade" and "On the banks of the Feugh near Woodend" both took only 2 nights to complete. I have both patience and impatience! I obsessively photograph my work as it is created, for my own development and learning. FACEBOOK Mark Davies Art, INSTAGRAM Artmarkdavies