Anoneemous Art



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Three Tranquil Trees Oil on watercolour paper. Enjoying the serenity of a countryside scene Size: (w) 30cm; (h) 30cm

Ndlovukazi Watercolour on paper. In my native tongue 'iNdlovu' means elephant and 'iNdlovukazi' is the word we use for a Queen. This painting simply couldn't be named anything else. Size A3.

Fruits of the Spirit - Acrylic on box canvas entitled 'Fruits of the Spirit' inspired by Galatians Chapter 5 Verses 22-23. Size: (w) 61cm; (h) 46cm; (d) 3cm

MesmerEYEsing - I've always loved drawing eyes... windows to the soul and all that. Acrylic on box canvas. Used ribbons as a masking fluid alternative. Size: (w) 61cm; (h) 46cm; (d) 3cm

Twilight Roadster Coaster - Watercolour with diamante stars. Inspired by driving through the Scottish country side and encountering steep gradients that test clutch control to the limits. Size: A3

Screen time - Acrylic on stretched canvas. This is inspired by my nephew who is often transfixed on his children's programmes. Watching him, watching them. Size: (w) 50cm; (h) 41cm; (d) 0.5cm


Southern African and Scotland inspired creations. Vibrant, emotive, bright, original art products to bring a splash of color into your home or work space.


I am a Southern African lady who has lived in Scotland for the last 12.5 years. I am currently based in Larbert and Art is my passion. I love to create vibrant, emotive and unique works of art using pastels, pencil, watercolour and acrylics. I studied art to A Level before achieving a Masters Degree in Civil Engineering. Having applied my creativity exclusively to engineering for most of my adult life, I'm ready to diversify and share my paintings.