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Art Is Weird

Bisset's Bargain Buys 3

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The Art School Experience

Bisset's Baked Beans

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How can someone tell you what art is and isn’t? What even constitutes as art? And when that is decided, what qualifies as ‘good’ art? Rebecca’s work is a result of an examination into her relationship with these questions. Portraying this in a light hearted, fun and satirical way, she hopes to make people smile and consider their own stance towards Contemporary Art. In the words of Grayson Perry, “The art world needs people to keep asking it questions.”
She produces these ideas through a variety mediums such as painting, drawing, embroidery and screen printing to more digital methods of producing work with added elements of performance.


Rebecca is a Scottish artist currently based in Edinburgh. A recent graduate, she received her BA(Hons) Contemporary Art Practice degree at Grays School of Art, Aberdeen.


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