Sarah Waters



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Monoliths l-Vll, Felt, 7m x 2.5m

Stone, Felt 100cm x 30cm x 30cm

Hagstone, Felt 70cm x 50cm x40cm

Monolith V, Felt 180cm x65cm x 3cm

Layers, Felt 65cm x 65cm


The work Sarah produces is not only functional but has colour, texture and a tactile quality. Using both traditional and innovative techniques she aims to show the diversity and qualities feltmaking can be taken to. She likes pushing the boundaries witherh my work and constantly use a sketchbook to draw ideas that originate from nature.

Sarah's work is usually in relief and very often three-dimensional. She is a very ‘hands on’ person and loves the tactile feel of felting so very rarely use anything apart from her hands. Each piece Sarah makes is unique and she loves that fact it can never be replicated. Felt making is her passion, her life and in her soul. Sarah wishes to show others the beauty and qualities that she finds absorbing.

I am currently working with Wessex Archaeology developing ideas with excavation, found objects and stones and have been looking at what is underground…the layers of particles and objects under our feet. Influenced by Joseph Beuys and Magdalena Abakanowicz I am experimenting with, and developing 3D installations with threads, fibres and felt.

As a feltmaker I am passionate about using British Wool. The British Empire was built on the wool trade and I want to showcase how everyone can easily embrace the use of such a sustainable material. Felt is a very versatile medium, which lends itself to a variety of disciplines within the textile and sewing world.


Sarah is a textile artist with a passion for feltmaking that originates from her love of sheep. Living in the New Forest, Hampshire her work reflects her desire to connect with nature and the importance of sustainability. Earliest memories were of collecting pieces wool caught on fences and twisting them into long threads. Sheep, wool and farming are in her blood.


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