Susan Bulloch



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A day in the life

Path of Uncertainty

Trail of Despair

We all wear a mask

The Long Road Ahead


I like to explore perspectives, emotions, behaviours, and how we adapt to this changing world we live in. Through abstract, urban, fine art, monochrome images, researching varying techniques, attention to detail, I always look for new ways to bring into my work to capture something unique and original. I would describe my work as atmospheric, dark and emotive. I am a self taught artist and use digital media and photo manipulation.


Born and brought up in the Southside of Glasgow. I recently transferred my History of Art & French Degree through the Open University to a Business/Marketing one, this was to develop and enhance my photography business which began in 2013. Since then I have had my work published in, The Law Magazine - The Journal, Clash - Music & Fashion magazine based in London, The Skinny, The Independent London magazine - Sublime, The French Journal - Sachet Mixte. I have also had my work exhibited, a few to name are; 2014, a Guest artist with 'Any and or Collective'. In 2015, Original art exhibition - The Steamie Galleries and the Drury Street Gallery Exhibition. In 2016, The Six Foot Gallery - Winter Exhibition, The Royal Scottish Academy for Art & Architecture - Open Exhibition and the Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Art -Open Annual Exhibition. I also donate my work regularly to charitable causes and have donated to the Starchild - Art for Africa Charity and MTV Staying Alive Auction.


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