Sophia Lindsay Burns



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Sunset Gaze - oil on canvas - 120x40cm

Aquatic Gaze - oil on canvas - 120x40cm

Aerial - oil on canvas - 120x120cm

Revelation - oil on canvas - 100x100cm

Temporis - oil on canvas - 130x90cm


“I experience painting as a visual game, an exploratory field where, as with sound, I can offer a visual possibility where one experiments with a new sense of space; the body is at one with its surroundings, finding its shape in abstract and organic space”
A sense of abstracted experience is one of the immediate impressions on first encounter with Sophia Burn’s work. The placing of human form in abstract space, depicted in an attitude of complete absorption in sense and emotion, encourages imaginative speculation on the experience portrayed.

The human figure, painted in accomplished and fluid line, is immersed in amorphous, imaginary landscape - created by layers of transparent oil glaze with subtle texture and colour-led compositions that subtly recall the work of Burn’s visual art influences, including Klimt, Peter Doig, Wilhem Sasnal, Christian Vincent and Japanese illustrators such as Al Shinohara. This fluidity, or suspended animation in the subject matter of her work, is reflected in Burn’s approach to painting. She allows a deliberate element of chaos and serendipity to enter the painting process – a risk-taking approach that is playful and improvisational, while at the same time strongly informed by 15 years of arts practice in France and the UK and a formal arts education in France and Canada (the Ecole d’Art , Aix-en-Provence, France and the University of Québec in Montréal (UQAM) Canada).


Sophia Lindsay Burns moved to the UK in 2008, and has lived and worked here since then, continuing her practice based from her Edinburgh studio and exhibiting in the UK, while maintaining her profile in France where she is represented by the Doun Gallery, Rognes and Galerie Daniel Besseiche in Paris. UK galleries which represent her work include Gallery Siott – Reading, the Arundel Rooms, Arundel and online galleries Sable & Ox and Rise Art.

Artist residencies have also included projects in Reykjavik, Moscow and Tangiers and in addition to her arts practice Burns is a self employed arts teacher (conducting workshops in France, the UK and Morocco) and she is a Director and Curator of artists collective, L’Art en Cours, Lodève, France


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