Susan McMillan


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Memories of Arbroath Acrylic on paper 280mmx380mm

Hanging on-Textile mixed media

Concealment-silkwool,betting slips, silk filament

All that is left -acrylic on paper,masking tape A3

rope-A4 silkscreen with graphite


My prime inspiration for my work is a love of nature; indeed most of my childhood years were spent in the garden with my mother. I would spend hours just looking at plants admiring the different shapes and colours of each petal or leaf.My favourite time being spring, waiting in anticipation for the emergence of the next bulb!

As my work progressed my interests inspired me to look at nature in a different way. Not only developing in my study of my surroundings but also exploring human nature. A theme, which started to emerge, was layers and hidden meaning.This is most evident in my conceptual work, in which I use layering to make my work ambiguous and intriguing. I continue to use layers of mixed media in my works today.

I could not name just one artist who has given me inspiration as i am inspired by many artists each for different reasons. However if forced to choose it would be Jim Dine, i love his drawings form the seventies, the layers of marks and rubbing back makes them come alive.

My ambition at this stage is to continue with my education to degree level, developing my own style.