Suzanne Anthony



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'Leaning', mixed media, 255 x 450 x 170 cm

'Propped', mixed media, 360 x 320 x 600 cm

'Propped', mixed media, 360 x 320 x 600 cm

'Slumping', mixed media, 95 x 190 x 210 cm

'The Discipline of Play', installation view, varying dimensions


My practice is centred around the notion of playful, intuitive making. It is about taking unwanted materials and giving them new life; to create a sense of joy and curiosity in otherwise discarded products. I respond to the inherent qualities of the materials that I find – collected from the streets, skips and scrapyards of Edinburgh – to construct sculptural forms and imbue them with a sense of warmth, character and agency. My work draws from the physical world around us; observing and reimagining the mundane everyday. Whilst it is built on a drive for responsive spontaneity, it is also embedded within a sustained system of preparation and reflection. Establishing a contradiction in terms that is central to my practice, that which I refer to as “the discipline of play”. Rather than trying to represent an external subject matter, I methodically test the materials, forms, and conditions within which I work, to break down the elusive idea of intuition and focus on the process of making itself. Ultimately, my work is about the joyful transformation and animation of that which is overlooked, in a bid to ignite that same sense of discovery and excitement in the viewer.


Artist currently based at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop.

2014 - 2019 Fine Art (MA) specialising in Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art; First-Class Honours.


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