Suzie Mackenzie



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'The watchers', 2016, collagraph and digital chine colle, 20cm x 40cm

'End of the line', 2017, collagraph and digital chine colle, 40cm x 21cm

'Deer larder, Uppat', 2017, collagraph and digital chine colle, 20 x 39cm

'The estuary, summer evening', 2016, collagraph and digital chine colle, 28cm x 56cm

'Snowlight', 2017, collagraph and digital chine colle, 40cm x 21cm

'The roost', 2017collagraph and digital chine colle, 20cm x 39cm


The most beautiful and deepest experience a man (sic) can have is the sense of the mysterious. It is the underlying principle of ... all serious endeavour in art and science: Albert Einstein

A printmaker working primarily in collagraph, my work describes the landscape of the far north-eastern highlands of Scotland in lyrical and enigmatic terms, often employing atmospheric colour through the use of digital chine collé to communicate the beauty and mystery of moments and places. It reflects a long-term personal connection with the landscape and exists primarily as a subjective response to the place’s story, topography and structures. Yet whilst each image attempts to capture a particular location at a fleeting moment of individual significance, there is also at its heart an attempt to share a universally recognisable experience.

I find the medium of collagraph endlessly fascinating, relishing the technical challenge of breaking down a complex and nuanced image to a restricted number of tones and almost-abstract marks dictated by the nature of tools and materials, then rebuilding it to a point where it is once again identifiable. Combining the traditional with more recent and contemporary approaches to printmaking is for me stimulating and encourages the discovery of exciting new ways of expression.


After studying Fine Art Printmaking as a mature student at Loughborough University I returned to the Scottish Highlands in 2007, where I now live and work as a professional printmaker on the east coast of Sutherland. My journey with collagraph began following training at the Highland Print Studio. Since that time I have continued my exploration of this experimental medium, attending workshops by some leading proponents of the technique. My work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and is held in private collections worldwide. Publications include a contribution on collagraph to Jackson’s Art Blog and the book ‘Making Collagraph Prints’, published May 2019 by The Crowood Press.


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