Tessa Asquith-Lamb

Website: http://www.tessaasquithlamb.co.uk

Email: tessa.asquithlamb@btinternet.com

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'One Eye On the Fox', Dimensions: 45 x 55.5cm Medium: Etching and Aquatint Date: 2007

'Thought Birds', Dimensions: 44.5 x 61cm Medium: Etching and Aquatint Date: 2008

'A Friend In the Paper Forest', Dimensions: 60cm x 44.5cm Medium: Etching and Aquatint Date: 2009

'A String of Hearts' Dimensions 30cm x 38cm, Medium Etching

'Charm against Winter' Dimensions: 30 cm x 38 cm, Medium: Etching and aquatint

'Something About Arrows' Dimensions: 20cm x 30 cm, Medium: Etching and aquatint


All my life I have been in love with stories and story telling. Narrative is a powerful thing that enriches lives, allowing for the possibility of surprising and beautiful things amongst the Hum Drum of our Everydays.
My etchings are created by bringing together images collected in sketchbooks, photographs and from memory. These images are gleaned from sources such as battered old Victorian fairytale books, those cases at the back of museums that are rarely seen, carvings in corners of old churches and the things you see on a blustery day in Edinburgh that no one else has noticed. Objects and images which when brought together mean something special or intriguing to me and express a sense of myself and my vision.
My work is for all those people who live out stories in their imaginations.
Lately, many foxes have been leaping and running through my work. These beautiful and wily creatures symbolise my inspiration and offer joyful encouragement.